General and specific objectives

General objectives:
  • to foster the trans-national dimension of knowledge transfer in the MED area considering innovation as a more open process;
  • to achieve the cutting down of knowledge and technology market's fragmentation in the MED area;
  • to improve the open innovation approach on research and academic institution;
  • to increase the relations between the economic sector and science specialization centres of Med programme area;
  • to improve the attractiveness of local Mediterranean territories with innovation-oriented goals;
  • to improve the connection between R&D, innovation and regional public policy priorities;
  • to stimulate knowledge and innovation on a global context for intermediaries organization on technology transfer, by matching ideas, knowledge, linkages and networks;
Two specific objectives are:
  • to set up an open and efficient collaboration system, for regional authorities, to sustain innovation through a trans-national certified system of innovation supply.
  • To develop joint schemes of collaboration among public sector, research centres and private sector, promoting a business model based on a public private regional economic development partnership and focused on setting up trans-national knowledge communities;
The main activities and results are: guidelines for regional authorities to sustain open innovation, tools to manage knowledge
exploitation, pilot action to apply the certifying systems for innovation providers.
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