Community Proposal Fiche

Objective of the Community Proposal Fiche

The creation of Mediterranean Innovative Communities aims to enhance the public-private collaboration and will permit to foster open innovation, collaboration at transnational level, open new activity fields with partners from the MED Area.

This Community Proposal Fiche aims to gather information from each partner’s region to present a community proposal within the framework of sectors defined in phase 3.2 on communities -entities-organizations in order to classify them among the identified sectors and set collaborative groups that can be compared, at a lower scale, as the collaborative groups set among the Knowledge Innovative Communities (KICs).

Description of the KICs

KICs, promoted by European Institute of Innovation and Technology, bring together different people working together across the innovation system. Key actors include: businesses (including SMEs); entrepreneurs; research and technology organizations; higher education institutions; investment communities (private investors and venture capital); research funders, including charities and foundations; local, regional and national governments.

The KICs combine expertise from across disciplines to ensure innovative and global responses to complex societal challenges, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable energy, and the future of information and communication society.

Main Objectives

  • Build innovative and optimized chains of innovation including education, technology, research, business and entrepreneurship and by exploring and capitalizing on innovative and sustainable economic opportunities with a benefit to society.
  • Create education improving the ability to challenge and to deal with change and complexit.
  • Educate and develop entrepreneurial people to work across stakeholders boundaries.
  • Create new business for existing industries and for new markets and challenges Have societal impact in terms of job creation and quality of life.

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